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Spotlight New Release Interview | SINNERS' OPERA by Linda Nightingale

Please make welcome a sister Rose (The Wild Rose Press), Linda Nightingale and a special guest she has brought with her today. The Tavern is celebrating her new release titled Sinners' Opera! And I'm in love with the cover and story! We're serving champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Get comfy and be prepared to be captivated by our first guest...

Welcome to The Tavern. Can you share your full name, please?

Good morning, Mary. Thank you for having me as your guest. My name is Morgan. Morgan Gabriel D'Arcy.

What is one word that best describes you? Depends who you ask. {Grins and winks one baby blue} Some say cavalier; others arrogant. I prefer talented. I’m a classical pianist.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately? Yes. If not, please explain why. Linda got to know me very well in the 1,000 pages that Sinners’ Opera became before she started, long ago, to start editing it for publication. She followed me everywhere. I went to parties for no purpose other than we were both having a good time. She allowed me to tell her the story, and since she was honest, I was honest, too.

What makes you laugh out loud? Dry, maybe a touch sarcastic wit tends to make me laugh. Lucien St. Albans, the Chief Councilor of the Vampyre Council—in fact the whole of Les Elus—makes me laugh aloud. Lucien is at his funniest when he’s lecturing me on my peccadillos.

What makes you angry? Not getting what I want. No, seriously, Lucien makes me angry when he’s lecturing me on my peccadillos. He harps mostly on my penchant for mortal women as lovers. I smile to mask the anger, and if he keeps rabbiting on, I’ll simply laugh. Lucien has been a friend for centuries; however, I can foresee him being an enemy any day now. He definitely won’t approve of my feelings for Isabeau, and what I plan to do violates Vampyre sacred law. Oh, well, I’ve never learned to do much with rules except break them.

What is your favorite drink? Since I’m a vampire, my first and only answer is human blood. I can abide lamb’s blood, but it isn’t my favorite. Since I feel as I do about Isabeau, her blood is the greatest temptation.

What is your greatest fear? That my carefully built house of sticks will come tumbling down and I’ll lose Isabeau. That she’ll leave me because of what, not who, I am. Other than that, I don’t fear much.

What do you wear when you go to sleep at night? Nothing. I prefer to sleep nude. I like nice, soft Egyptian cotton sheets next to my skin—or Isabeau’s skin.

What is the perfect romantic date? [He arches a brow]. Anywhere with Isabeau. I like walks along the Seawall in front of my house on the Battery, listening to the Atlantic’s song, after my romantic interest enjoys a lovely meal. Vampires do not eat or drink in the conventional sense. At the end of the date, I like to play my piano for my date.

When you look at Isabeau, what catches your interest? The intelligence burning in her rare lavender-blue eyes. My darling girl is a gifted geneticist, holding the very basis of life in her hands. She will be able to help our child overcome a disability inherent in the mating of vampire to human.

How do you become a vampire? In a ritual blood exchange. The Vampyre Effect is produced by a blood-borne pathogen, a virus, that alters human DNA, and bequeaths immortality, but a fierce and eternal craving as well.

What is one word that best describes Isabeau? Elegance. If I had more than one word, I couldn’t even adequately describe her. As I said, intelligence, grace, beauty, and a bravery that will serve her well in the days ahead. She is perfect. She exceeds my high expectations of what she would be as a child when I appeared to her as an angel. Gabriel. Angel. [He shrugs].

Thank you, Morgan, for allowing me to interview you. You've been a gracious guest. And now I have a question for Linda...

Is your book part of a series? Yes, there are three books in the Obsession series: Sinners’ Waltz (still in the first draft stage); Sinners’ Opera, and Sinners’ Obsession (waiting for my rights back). There are 3 companion books. Cardinal Desires, Mr. Piano Man, and Morgan D’Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody.

Wishing you all the best, Linda!

Backcover blurb from Sinners' Opera

Morgan D'Arcy is an English lord, a classical pianist, and a vampire. He has everything except what he desires most—Isabeau. As the Angel Gabriel he’s steered her life and career choice, preparing her to become Lady D'Arcy. Many forces oppose Morgan's daring plan—not the least of which is Vampyre law.

Isabeau Gervase is a brilliant geneticist Though she no longer believes in angels, she sees a ticket to a Nobel Prize in Gabriel's secrets—secrets that have led her to a startling conclusion. Gabriel isn't human, and she fully intends to identify the species she named the Angel Genome. Morgan is ready to come back into Isabeau's life, but this time as a man not an angel. Will he outsmart his enemies, protect his beloved and escape death himself? For the first time in eternity, the clock is ticking.

Sneak preview from Sinners' Opera

She stalked across the room, glaring at me. “Why me? What is this dark purpose? Fill in the blanks, jackass.”

“Why should I?” I kicked back from the table, stretched my legs and crossed my arms, regaining a measure of dignity. “You’ve reached your own conclusions.”

She hurled the lockbox key at my face. I caught it, slapped it down on the table. Even a master in the interment of feelings can be pushed too far. My eyes blazed.

“A princess could be proud of my education. The very best of everything. Undergrad at the College of Charleston, on to Johns Hopkins, then off to Switzerland to study with Nobel Prize winners.” She barked a laugh. “Genetics as prescribed by the Angel Gabriel. I thought I’d won scholarships. You paid for it all, didn’t you?”

I nodded. “Because I love you. From the moment I laid eyes on a screaming, red faced baby girl, I would have given you the world.”

She harrumphed. “What’s the key for?”

“A lockbox containing sufficient funds to pay your educational expenses. After some time, I realized Matt had probably thrown the key away. I established a trust fund for your education, administered by my London lawyers, with unlimited resources fed through the universities and schools. You were never to know—”

“That I didn’t earn them by being brilliant. You meddling bastard.” Her bottom lip quivered and I said, “You are brilliant,” but she shouted over me, “My father planted the seed. My mother laid the golden egg. You should be ashamed.”

I wasn’t ashamed nor did I regret a penny spent, time and dreams invested. She’d exceeded my expectations. My hands shook as I struggled to subdue anger, frustration and outrage, ignoring the terrible pain in my heart. Why was she so angry? Everything I’d done, I’d done for her. Every sin of which she accused me, I’d committed for her.

“You spent all that money to create me.” She paced back and forth, flinging her hands in the air. “Why? To keep you company in your mansion on the Battery? I don’t think so. Women chase you down the street. Even when I’m standing beside you, they come on to you. Why me? I wonder what my life might have been without your interference. Why a geneticist?”

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About Linda ~

After 14 years in Texas, Linda just returned home to her roots. She has seven published novels, five of which are available from Audible.com in audio. For many years, she bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses. So, she’s seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck pulling a horse trailer. She won several writing awards, including the Georgia Romance Writers’ Magnolia Award and the SARA Merritt. She retired from a career as a legal assistant at MD Anderson Cancer Center to write full time.

She has 2 wonderful sons—one in Texas; one in England—and 4 equally marvelous grandchildren.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LNightingale

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Enjoy the book video!

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