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More #Quotes from Conn MacRoich in QUEST OF A WARRIOR

This week I'm whisking you back in time--through the Veil of Ages. Three years ago Dragon Knight's Sword was released into the world. My first book in the Order of the Dragon Knights Series. Fenian Warrior, Conn MacRoich first appeared in this story. He was the protector and guardian for the heroine, Brigid O'Neill, though she was not aware of the ancient Fae--Celt hidden within the man. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Conn in Dragon Knight's Sword. I hope you'll enjoy this journey back in time.


“The magic of the land always calls to those who can hear her.”

"One must touch the stones to get a sense of the past.”

“Och, Brigid, do not laugh. For you mock the good folk, and I understand well their wrath when provoked.”

“It is not a myth nor legend, lass, but the truth I have told you. Just as you carry the sword, which is an ancient relic, she is what you call Nessie.”

“I’m not a Viking god, Celt yes, Viking, nae.”

“Blessed Danu, give me strength to deal with this lass."

“Brigid, I am a Fenian Warrior of the Fae, sworn to protect you, and if you want to live, you must take the sword to Duncan MacKay.”


For more about Conn MacRoich, journey back in the time with the first Dragon Knight, Duncan MacKay in Dragon Knight's Sword!


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