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Quotes from Conn MacRoich in DRAGON KNIGHT'S RING

This week, we journey within the pages of Dragon Knight's Ring. I'm delighted to share that this book is a RONE finalist for Time Travel Romance in InD'tale Magazine! Winners will be announced at the conference in October. This was the epic conclusion to the Order of the Dragon Knights series. The Fenian Warriors played an important role in the battle over evil. We continue with quotes from Conn MacRoich...

Conn speaking with two other Fenian Warriors, Rory and Liam MacGregor ~

“Your request for assistance stated it was a matter of life and death—to human and Fae.”

“Well, if we’re drinking to an imminent disaster, I will require something stiffer than this.”

“I hope you are both prepared for the mighty wrath of all the MacKays when they hear that their sister, Margaret, is alive.”

“To our success, before our deaths.”

Conn speaking with Dragon Knight, Adam MacFhearguis ~

“Your reasons are clouded with shadows. You refuse to see the truth. You are as blind now with fury as you were on the night Meggie died. You continue to wallow and fester in your own sorrow. Even your own crusade was one filled with death and grief.”

“You forget, I’m Fae. I don’t command animals. They just like me.”

“Your pride will be your undoing, MacFhearguis!”

“You should not have called your dragon a creature. I believe you’ve offended said creature.”

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