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Merry Christmas from the Tavern

However you celebrate this beautiful season, I'm wishing everyone a day filled love, laughter, and peace. May this day of celebration fill our hearts and light a new path into the New Year.

I've decided to include a recipe for our fur-feathered friends. During the cold winter months (in the Northern Hemisphere), food can be scarce. And since I love all things Celtic, I've included some sayings on how to say, "Merry Christmas!"

Irish Gaelic ~ Nollaig shona! (no-lihg ho-nuh)

Scottish Gaelic ~ Nollaig chridheil dhuibh! (nol-lig chree-al ghooiv)

Welsh ~ Nadolig llawen! (na-dol-ig hlou-en)



Wild bird seed Large jar of creamy peanut butter Waxed paper

Remove the lid from the peanut butter and place the jar in the microwave. Heat on high at 30 second intervals until the peanut butter is runny. Pour it into a bowl and add enough bird seed to make a thick, stiff paste.

Turn out the paste onto waxed paper and with your fingers, roll the mixture into a log. Wrap the log in waxed paper and put it in the freezer for one to two hours. Just before placing it outdoors, slice the log into pieces.

You can leave out several and keep the remainder in the freezer to pull out when needed.

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