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Urquhart Castle ~ Home of the Dragon Knights and #Giveaway

In June, it will be one year since I took my epic trip to Scotland and visited Urquhart Castle. I was reminded of that trip when I celebrated my four year anniversary with my editor this month. I realized I hadn't spoken or written much about that trip. In truth, I am still processing my time there. Yes, I still get emotional (silly author that I am). It was a journey that began eighteen years ago on my first visit to Scotland, and the Dragon Knights were conceived within my mind in the Highlands. Yet, when I entered the gateway to Urquhart Castle last summer, my soul had returned to the beginning of my stories. On a side note in history, the Clan MacKay never took ownership of Urquhart (at least to my knowledge). This was my own fictional spin based on a "gray" time period of ownership.

I spent almost four glorious hours climbing stairs, touching the stones, sitting in nooks within the ruins, and wandering the landscape. I surveyed Loch Ness in hopes of glimpsing the Great Dragon (some call her Nessie, but she is the dragon of the Fae for me). And I will be forever grateful to my husband for indulging me and waiting patiently for me to finish my own personal tour. Here's a glimpse into my day, courtesy of my husband's photography...


Urquhart Castle (The rain cleared and left this breathtaking view)

The Great Kitchen (Can you imagine Brigid helping Moira here?)

The Constable's Lodging

The oldest portion/ruins of Urquhart

Private time within a room

A friend

I hope you've enjoyed this mini tour. I plan on sharing much more over the next few months. Don't forget, all of the digital books of the Dragon Knights are on sale for only .99cents! The sale will be ending at the end of the month, so now is the time to grab a copy you don't have in your collection or gift one to a friend. Click on the picture to Amazon or on the link here:

Now for a special surprise! Since I'm celebrating anniversaries and birthdays (my own), I'm doing a giveaway! For a chance to win the prize package below (Book pendant necklace, history of the Clan MacKay, Scottish Bookmark Calendar, and Dragon Knight's Ring keychain, leave a comment telling me your favorite part about any of my stories. I'm leaving the contest open until Friday, April 27th, 12:00pm PST.

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