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A Quiet Conversation on Medieval Monday with "Lachlann's Legacy " by Ashley York

Welcome to week two of Medieval Monday. Our theme of "First Kiss" between the hero and heroine continues. My guest today is the fabulous Ashley York! She's sharing a snippet from her medieval romance, Lachlann's Legacy. Don't forget to check out the Medieval Romance Lovers facebook page here to check out the other authors' links to their posts and giveaways!

If you're following along with my snippets from Magnar, hop on over to Ashley's blog here.

Happy reading!


Snippet from Lachlann's Legacy

“Now that sounds like a man over the worst of it.” Her breath was warm against his face, and her voice was pleasant to his ears. Comforting.

He wanted to keep her talking. “Where is everyone?”

“My brother has taken yer friends to Aidan’s as ye’d planned. Finn is sleeping.”

His eyes flew open. “’Tis night time?”

“’Tis night time again. Nearly daybreak.”

“I have slept so many days?”

She shrugged, focusing instead on the cloth that soothed him.

Hidden secrets could tear them apart as fast as their passion drove them together

On the Moray coast in Scotland…

Ethne’s genuine and caring nature makes her invaluable to her brother as his son’s caretaker, but he and his wife treat her as little more than their servant. When she learns their tribal leader would use her chaste status for his own purposes, Ethne plans to escape and reluctantly accepts the help of Lachlann—a handsome pilgrim she only just met at the local faire.

Despite her independent spirit, Ethne feels drawn to Lachlann. Her instincts say his intentions are honorable, but can she trust him with her heart?

Raised by his godfather with few clues to his family’s past, Lachlann values his freedom and the brotherhood of his highlander kin. Disguised as a pilgrim on a mission for the priory, he encounters Ethne, a warm, intelligent maiden whose courage in the face of a loveless marriage awakens an intense need to protect her.

Unfortunately, Ethne is one of the very people he must deceive to explore the cave system containing clues to the lost treasure he seeks. But he cannot abandon her to an uncertain fate—or deny the simmering tension between them.

With religious prejudice running high and both of them facing tests of loyalty, Lachlann and Ethne may realize the only way to fight for their futures is to surrender... to each other.

Available for purchase HERE.


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