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MAGNAR | Quotes from Elspeth Gunn

It's now a mere one week away from the worldwide release of MAGNAR, The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, Book 1. If you have not pre-ordered your digital copy at the discounted price, please do so today. The sale is ending soon, my friends.

Last week, I shared quotes from the leader of the Wolves, Magnar. Now it's Elspeth's turn to share a few of her favorites and mine, too.


Quotes from Elspeth Gunn

"My new chieftain might be a lad of seven winters, but I can assure you, he is capable of reading the script of King William.”

“I was a dreadful sister. He used to say my temper matched the color of my hair, stating that nae man would ever want such a rueful wife."

“Then you understand this, Magnar MacAlpin, you can have my body on my terms. The time of my choosing. I am tired of having men telling me what to do. Will you accept my terms?”

“Are you seriously trying to say that you—the Wolves of Sutherland—are part man and wolf? Our king is a devout man. Are you telling me he surrounds himself with ancient superstitions? I think not."

“Forgive me, Magnar. Not one man has ever asked for my counsel on anything.”

"One day you will share your thoughts—your feelings with me, Magnar, and I shall do the same. But this is not the day, my warrior wolf."

"Honorable, loyal, and noble. Trust will come, Magnar. You must learn to trust and love as I have learned to trust in God’s plan for us."

“’Tis good to ken I am protected, and your wolf does not need to kill for his meals. I would loathe having him present his recent kill in my lap.”

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