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Medieval Monday | A Hero in a King

Welcome to Medieval Monday in the tavern!

With the month of March, I tend to think of my Irish roots, which I've shared on a recent Friday Feast. This led me on a path to recall one of my heroes who are not from my stories. Ever since I read the Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llywelyn many decades ago, I’ve had this fascination for the great Irish King, Brian Boru (941-1014).

The youngest of twelve sons, Brian would eventually become king of Ireland, and the founder of the O'Brien dynasty. In 1002, Brian was recognized as Ard Rí, High King of Ireland, therefore ending the six hundred year reign of the Uí Néill’s in Leinster.

Legend states Brian was an excellent harp musician, and the harp has become a symbol of peace and unity in Ireland in his memory. Brian led the Irish to the peak of their Golden Age—from poetry, arts, scholars, and rebuilding monasteries destroyed by the Vikings. A remarkable man, and a hero to Ireland.

Here is a lively tune called Brian Boru’s March by one of my favorite musicians, Loreena McKennitt.

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