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Medieval Monday | Steamy or Sweet? It's all about the First Kiss

Welcome back to Medieval Monday for 2021! Our new theme: First Kiss. How lovely to start in the month of February, right? A first kiss can herald the stirrings of love between characters. With this round of Medieval Monday, I will be hosting a new author for the next 14 weeks. They will be tempting you with a peek into their stories and first kisses between their characters. In addition, I hope you'll follow along with my snippets from Magnar on these authors' blogs.

On our first week, we are each hosting ourselves. When you get a moment, hop on over to the Medieval Romance Lovers facebook page here to check out the other authors. We have four new medieval romance authors joining us this season!



Snippet from Magnar

Scene set-up: Magnar has been ordered by King William to offer marriage to Elspeth Gunn to secure an alliance and protection for the new young chieftain—her nephew. The marriage is not looked upon as favorable to Magnar nor Elspeth.

“Bastard,” hissed Elspeth. “How dare he accuse my brother of such a vile act!”

Glancing sideways at her, he arched a brow. “Continue.”

“My brother realized too late the monster he had invited to Castle Steinn.” Wiping a shaky hand over her forehead, she added, “An argument broke out after my brother refused to side against King William. He renounced the entire agreement in the hall that evening. I witnessed the anger and fear in my brother’s eyes. When I rose from the table and started to make my way to leave, Thomas met me at the doors. He told me to find Erik and one of the guards and flee from Steinn. It all happened quickly. One moment he was whispering his demand and the next, a blade was thrust through his back. The hall erupted into chaos, and I ran out of there.”

Follow along next week on Ashley York’s blog:

Known as the Barbarian, Magnar MacAlpin is a fierce ruler for those under his command. As leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland, his loyalty and obedience lies with Scotland. However, the king’s last demand is not something Magnar will tolerate.

After Elspeth Gunn’s brother the Chieftain of Castle Steinn is murdered, she flees with her nephew, and finds safety amongst a band of men who are rumored to be part wolf. When the king forces her to wed a heathen Northman, she fears losing her heart and soul not only to the man, but the beast as well.

In order to restore peace to a shattered clan, Magnar and Elspeth travel a treacherous path that challenges their beliefs. When evil seeks to destroy ancient traditions, will Magnar be compelled to restrain his wolf or allow him free to protect those he loves?

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