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Vampires and Shapeshifters in these Tempting New Releases by Kristal Dawn Harris and Alyna Lochlan

Please make welcome the amazing and lovely, Kristal Dawn Harris and Alyna Lochlan! I'm thrilled to have both these talented authors here in the Tavern! We're celebrating two new releases: Rise For Me by Kristal, and Seduction by Blood by Kristal and Alyna.

The Tavern is serving champagne, so grab a glass and let's take a peek into their stories...


Vampire and warlock, Roman Lee, spent centuries alone as ringmaster of the carnival. After befriending and healing a scarred, young woman, Roman realizes Mariah is his mate. He waits for her, but when she departs from his life, his torture knows no bounds. Now he's risen, unforgiving and angry, forced from his grave by the one woman who captured his heart, but will another secret and the call of his mate change everything?

The steady call of Roman's blood and the promise of peace brings Mariah Stone home to the carnival and the vampire she left behind. He ignores her until she forces him from the grave with her blood. His anger crushes her already broken spirit, but she is determined to win Roman's forgiveness and free him from their bond. Denied passion leads them down a path of magic and desire, while a devastating secret threatens eternal love.

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Sneak preview from Rise For Me

Mariah stopped directly over where she knew Roman rested. Her own blood surged in her veins every time she stepped on the worn plank. She tilted her head, listening to the call of his blood and the beat of his heart. Lizzie said he wasn’t feeding as much as he should, so there was one sure way to bring Roman out of his grave. She searched the room for something sharp until her gaze landed on a small, jeweled pocketknife. She grabbed it off the table and pulled the blade out of its slot. It was dull, but it would work.

Mariah placed the small blade against her left palm, then held it over the spot where she knew Roman rested. With one downward swipe, the blade pierced her flesh, opening a one-inch gash. Blood poured from the wound and dripped onto the rough, wooden floor planks. She crouched and held her palm over the crack between the boards, making sure the blood reached Roman. With a deep breath, she gathered her courage as her blood continued to splatter in droplets between the planks. The room seemed to groan, and every trinket vibrated when she finally called to the other half of her soul in a loud, demanding voice. “Rise for me, Roman Lee.”


A blind date turns into a nightmare, leaving Ava Clark fighting for her life, close to death in the backwoods of Kentucky. Out of the fog comes a savior, a dark myth, a vampire, and the love of her life, but how can she accept him? Can Vampire Lucian Alexander reach her heart in time to forge eternal love and save her from the approaching evil determined to kill her?

Find out what happens when an old world vampire comes face to face with his modern mate in Seduction by Blood!

Available from these online retailers HERE!


Sneak preview from Seduction by Blood

Small, ruby drops of blood dripped into Lucian Alexander’s mouth before they slipped between his dry lips, coated his tongue, and quickly absorbed into his body. His heart started to beat slowly and, with another drop, picked up its tempo. With the third drop, he awoke from a deep slumber.

His tongue flicked out to capture another tiny, life-giving drop. His mind cleared as the roots beneath the soil continued to feed his starved body. Scanning the area around him, he instantly knew the sun had set and there was a disturbance nearby. The earth shuttered with its violence.

Images of a wounded young woman came from the blood. Injured and alone, fear and pain laced each cell of the rich liquid that brought him back to the land of the living. His large frame stretched beneath the cool, rich soil as the blood revived his long-depleted body. Hunger and need twisted sharply in his gut. Weak and gaunt, he needed to restore his strength. The woman’s blood was sweet but sharp-edged with panic. He licked his lips wanting another taste. Would she share with him?

Something foreign whispered across his soul as her blood soaked into his veins, and he stilled, opening himself to listen. As the message strengthened with each drop of her blood, Lucian could not believe what he heard. His light blue eyes snapped open when the word mate entered his mind and his heart.

That long-dead, shriveled organ thumped more rapidly with the need to protect and heal the one woman who belonged to him alone. He did not have the strength yet to open the earth and rise, so with each movement of his body and drop of her blood, the soil finally gave way until what covered him burst forth in a great geyser into the air. He shot upward and landed on his bare feet in a crouched position, seeking and finding his mate instantly.

He inhaled a deep, long breath, filling his lungs. The scent of her blood saturated his land and the air. His head tilted, listening to every sound of the night as his eyes narrowed and he growled low. The crash of another human racing through the trees toward his woman reached his sensitive ears along with the scent of the man and his blood.

The corner of Lucian’s lip lifted in a snarl and fury consumed his spirit. This property belonged to him, and he knew every inch of it. The mountains and valleys stayed the same. He commanded the animals and everything within his reach. It did not matter how long he had slept nor how he appeared. Blood was what he needed, and it was his lucky night. The man stalking his woman was a good place to start.

Lucian licked his lips, and a malevolent need to crush the attacker caused a smile to curl his lips. He raced through the forest, dodging tree branches, logs, and brush, a predatory animal intent on finding the one who woke him. Fog seeped from the deep hollows in the ground, obscured his footprints, surrounded and enclosed his body like a shield. It billowed before him creating an impenetrable blanket. The white hair streaming to his waist smacked against his back in thick, matted pieces. Tight muscles stretched, then bulged with every drop of her blood coursing through his veins. The root systems from the trees of the forest continued to nourish his body through his feet. She was gravely injured, and he worried he wouldn’t reach her in time.

Lucian jerked to the left at superhuman speed as leaves crunched on the forest floor. Labored breaths came from the violent, would-be, human murderer hunting his mate. Sharp fangs punched down to pierce his bottom lip. Blood trickled slowly from the pinprick marks to run down and over his chin, mixing with the dirt.

A low growl rumbled throughout the forest, not animal and not human, but something in between. Lucian did not realize he was capable of such an ominous, predatory warning or such rage, but he never expected to find his mate either. His emaciated muscles stretched beneath his skin when desperation laced her blood. His mate was being hunted by a killer.

The wall of white fog built in strength and rolled across the land in great waves, making it harder for the hunter to discover his mate. Lucian listened for the sound of his woman’s heartbeat, but all he heard was the man’s heavy footsteps as he drew closer, so he focused on his prey. Nearing the edge of his property, a soft moan briefly lifted to his ears, bringing him to a full stop where he crouched low.

The fog parted in a circle and expanded around his body until he spotted her lying face-down in the dirt. Concern ravaged his mind as panic settled in his heart. This kind of fear was new to him. He could not lose her after just finding her.


Meet the Authors

Kristal Dawn Harris is an award-winning, Rone nominated, American romance author. She has been married for 27 years and has two children. Kristal finished a degree from Miami University in Accounting Technology, but quickly realized she preferred words over numbers. She is an avid reader and, in particular, loves darker paranormal romance. Her hobbies include coin collecting, physical fitness, stained-glass art (beginner), poetry, and song writing. Kristal primarily writes for her publisher, The Wild Rose Press, although it should be noted she has self-released several books. She writes paranormal, fantasy, erotic, as well as contemporary romance in different lengths. You can find out more about Kristal and her books at

Connect with Kristal here:


I’m award-winning author Alyna Lochlan, and Warden of every bad boy vampire to half naked highlander among the pages of my books. I hope when you stop by my website, you'll take a look around and share my love of every strong, dangerous, predatory, bad boy that wanders through these pages. I'll keep you updated with my latest arrivals. Wicked grin.

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