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"You met him in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their greatest legend!”


As leader of the Fenian Warriors, Aidan Kerrigan’s accolades are many and his loyalty to the Fae unwavering. When an unexpected mission sends him to the human world and a chance encounter with Rose MacLaren, he’s tempted for the first time in his existence to discard duty and claim what is forbidden.


Rose MacLaren, a Society of the Thistle member, yearns to expand her botanical knowledge with her love of history. After her rescue by a handsome stranger, she is compelled to look beyond what her rational mind comprehends and unravel the secret of the standing stones, as well as the man who captivates her. 


In a mystical world ruled by ancient laws and edicts, can a fierce warrior choose a path destined for love? And will a woman honoring the ways of the land believe in a myth only spoken of in legends? If they do, will their love be enough to defy death’s punishment?

If they do, will their love be enough to defy death’s punishment?

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Praise for Mary Morgan

A Magical Love Story

"If you’re looking to be transported to Scotland and Ireland, complete with a magical love story and one act of defiance which will shake the Fae realm for years to come, pick up Destiny of a Warrior today. Highly recommend!"

N. N. Light Book Heaven

Another World

"Talk about being taken to another world and not wanting to come back! Mary Morgan is a master at immersing the reader in a magical place and time with characters that grab the heart and don't let go until the end." —Lori D. 

Rich Scenes

"Morgan’s world building puts you in the thick of things—caught between the Fae Realm and earth. It’s fast-paced with snappy dialogue, and rich scenes making her world so believable, it is no longer fantasy." —Booktalk with Eileen