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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | 06.03.20

Welcome to the first Wednesday of June! Our weekly blogging challenge is hosted by the lovely people at Long and Short Reviews. This week's topic: Things I wish I were better at.

Hmm... a challenge, indeed. If you had asked me this question years ago, I might have given you a list of things I struggled to do better at. Yet I'm older, wiser, and view life a wee bit differently.

I thought about this topic for some time, too. These are my thoughtful conclusions...

1. Listen more. My children taught me this many years ago, and I must say I'm way much better. I grew up as a shy introvert, so when I finally emerged out of my shell, I couldn't shut-up. And if you've ever gotten into a debate with a teenager, you tend to want your words understood as a parent. However, listening is the key and not debating. In the end, Mom rules anyway. (Just teasing my dear, beautiful adult children).

2. To relax more. I'm a type A personality--driven, focused, and one who keeps to a rigid work schedule. Yet when my oldest daughter went through cancer (surgeries and chemo) last year, my world flipped. Her strength and positive attitude infused me. From this experience, I no longer maintain such a rigid daily schedule. Why the heck didn't I think of this sooner? Sure, there still are days when I worry about not completing my tasks and/or word count. But they are few and limited. Life's too short. Each day has become an adventure of either work or play and to relax more.

Anything you wish you were better at? Do share! Then hop on over here to see what the others are saying.

One item I'm completely good at is sharing great news! My book, To Weave A Highland Tapestry is a finalist in the Time-travel/Sci-Fi category for the prestigious 2020 RONE Award from InD'tale Magazine! Over the moon with joy!

See you next week. Until then, be safe and well. xo


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