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How Well Do You Know The Fenian Warriors? #Giveaway #Contest

I'm getting excited about my new series, Legends of the Fenian Warriors! Currently, I'm in galley edits on the first book, Quest of a Warrior and have viewed the cover art. It's amazing! I nearly fell off my chair at the final version. Cover reveal is planned next month, along with some other goodies. Yet for now, I'm curious to know how many remember these Fae warriors. So...I'm having a contest. For a chance to win these lovely gifts and a $25 Amazon gift card, I've created a contest. Don't let the questions scare you. Jump right in and take a chance. The one who answers all of them correctly (or the person who comes close) will win this prize package!

I'll announce the winner and answers on Friday, March 17. Send me your answers to:


1. Give me the surnames of Conn, Rory, and Liam.

2. What’s the name of the horse that Rory brings for Aileen when she travels back in time (second time) to find Stephen?

3. What is the full name of the fourth Fenian Warrior in Dragon Knight’s Ring?

4. What is the full name of Aileen’s father who is also a Fenian Warrior?

5. What was Rory’s (human) job position in Dragon Knight’s Axe?

6. Name the pub where Liam takes Aileen to grab something to eat and where she meets Rory.

7. What Fenian Warrior found the journal of Stephen MacKay? (Hint: Aidan referred to him as a colleague)

8. Who was the Fenian Warrior that met Brigid O’Neill at the airport in Scotland?

9. What Fenian Warrior does Angus summon when he’s standing within the ring of fire in the woods?

10. What Fenian Warrior did Duncan ask to return through the Veil of Ages and undo their father’s death?

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