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#Medieval Monday ~ Tension in THE GENTLE KNIGHT

Welcome to Medieval Monday and week twelve of our "Villain" theme. This week my guest is Ashley York. She's sharing a snippet from her story, The Gentle Knight. Enjoy!

Excerpt from THE GENTLE KNIGHT ~

"Is there no one else here? Are there no wenches about?" Peter asked.

The gray-haired woman paused beside him and searched his face before responding. "A young woman helps sometimes."

He waved his hand to decline the mead, opting to continue with his own filched libations. He took a long sip. The sudden, delicious warmth in the room may have been from the fire, but he suspected it was not. Release would be sweet. "Will she be here tonight?"

Brighit frowned at Peter. He speared another piece of meat.

"She only comes when needed," the older woman said.

Her gaze was unwavering. He need only admit his need for the wench and it would be done.

Peter missed Brighit's mouth.

"Ow!" Brighit gingerly touched her lip.

"My apologies," Peter said.

No blood. Peter put the knife down.

Follow along with excerpt #13 and the conclusion to this excerpt from The Gentle Knight over at my blog

Blurb ~ Brighit MacNaughton is an obedient daughter following her father's death bed decree that she take her vows and become the virginal bride of Christ. The hired men seeing her to the Priory at Tanshelf are more interested in the building resentment against the English king than her safety. But when the handsome Norman knight offers his protection against the lecherous mercenaries, he sparks her passion with his gentle touch and smoldering looks of desire, reminding her of dreams best forgotten. Can one night with him quench the intense need in her or will it cause the fire to burn out of control?

Peter of Normandy is a trusted knight of King William, sent north to subdue the unrest and rumblings of revolt at York. Giving aid to an Irish princess more noble than many knights, he is quickly overcome with the need to possess her. With a body meant for a man's pleasure and an unrelenting stubbornness to follow her father's wishes, he struggles against giving her what she wants if it can only be for one night. Will one night of passion prove to be enough or will it unleash an insatiable need that makes him never want to let her go?

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