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Quotes from King Ansgar from QUEST OF A WARRIOR

This week I'm sharing some of my favorite quotes from the King of the Fae ~ King Ansgar from QUEST OF A WARRIOR. Look for quotes from the Queen next week.

Copyright: <a href=''>germanjames / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

"Yes, you’re a Fenian Warrior, but not a seer.”

"You should have no human friends, save only those from the Brotherhood! Is that not what you trained centuries for?"

“I am not disposed to discuss the threads of fate.”

“Love between a Fae and human is forbidden."

“You speak like a youngling, not a warrior.”

"Is this how we shall be from now on? With our conversations consisting of clipped sentences? I have no wish to see you become a martyr.”

“Love. Without it, we are a hopeless race.”

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