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Escape From #SocialMedia, Or Am I Fooling Myself? #authorsofinstagram

When I first joined Instagram, it was with the intent of viewing other peoples photos and to add my own. I kept telling myself it was a form of "social media relaxation." This was my place to separate me as an author and just be me, "Mary." HA! I started slowly....dabbled with posting a few photographs and then I left it alone. For months! I don't remember the exact date, but somehow I decided to post more pictures--like weekly. And I found myself following more people. AND I started noticing there were other authors out there like me! What were they sharing? Their books! Did I fool myself into believing I could escape the madness of my own marketing and promoting with Instagram? Nope. Not.At.All. I fell into the trap of posting my first meme for my upcoming release, A Highland Moon Enchantment. It's such a gorgeous cover, so why not share the picture, right?

I know...I'm digressing. But do you see where I'm going with this post? In an effort to step away from promoting my book, I found another tool. Instagram is a beautiful place filled with many pictures of food, bucolic scenery from travels, animals, inspirational sayings, and books! Lots of them! Did I escape? A wee bit, my friends. And I'm loving it! Here are some of my Instagram photos...

When I'm not playing around with pictures, you can find me here ~

Reading at Goodreads

Browsing for inspiration at Pinterest

Sharing my life on Facebook

Playing with my camera on Instagram

Or releasing a new book on Amazon

I do hope you'll join me!

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