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Spotlight #NewRelease ~ A VAMPIRE'S UNLIKELY ALLIANCE by Tena Stetler

We're celebrating a new book release in the Tavern today! A Vampire's Unlikely Alliance by Tena Stetler is one story I'm looking forward to reading. I'm serving Irish stout and decadent shortbread treats, so get cozy and let's hear what Tena has to say...

Hi Mary! I can’t believe it is release day for A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance. I’m so excited to finally have Stefan and Brandy’s story see the light of day. Let me explain. A few years ago I roughed out Stefan’s story, a bare bones kinda of thing. I was working 12 hour days at a day job, yet still found time to put keyboard to computer. Anyway, I finished the rough draft and read through it. Something was missing.

I closed the file and opened a new one. Bruce the Demon Overlord of the Western Hemisphere burst onto scene with his petite witch, Angie, and insisted that their story must be told first or my timeline would be messed up. Yeah, my characters tend to be a bit bossy. So I humored him, drafted his story and he was right. A Demon’s Witch was born, published in 2015. Three other novels would be written and published before I returned to the Demon’s Witch Series.

Finally I thought Stefan’s time had come. But now, readers and even a reviewer or two assumed or asked whether Tristian’s Story would be next. I was dumbfounded. He was an assassin, for heaven’s sake. But Tristian had a compelling story to tell and I suspect he may have woven a spell to ensnare my readers. Anyway, A Warlock’s Secrets came to fruition. I remember after turning the manuscript into my editor, I sat back in my chair and said out loud in my empty office “Is there anyone else that thinks they have a story to tell before Stefan and Brandy’s?” My husband stuck his head in the door, looked around, chuckled and said “All clear.”

I opened A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance file and again said, “Stefan it’s your turn.” He scoffed at me. But I charged forward. He’d grown and changed from the Vampire Council’s Assassin in the two previous books, to a midnight DJ for a small radio station in Whitefish, Montana where he met Brandy, a park ranger and a creature he never knew existed. The rest is history. Today I present A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance, a long time coming but I think Stefan and Brandy would agree, well worth the wait.

Blurb from A Vampire's Unlikely Alliance ~

Stefan is a Native American vampire, former assassin for the Vampire Council. In a twist of fate, he now DJ’s the midnight shift for a small radio station in Whitefish, Montana, on the edge of Glacier National Park where his secret is safe until...

Born in Ireland, Brandy now works as a park ranger and trail guide in the park. During a full moon, Stefan and Brandy’s paths cross in a near physical collision on a trail. Their attraction is immediate and undeniable, almost as if fate demanded it.

Their union was foretold long ago in Irish folk tales where vampires and gryphons, warlocks and demons, witches and faeries must work together for the good of man and magic kind. Is a trip to Ireland the key to unravelling secrets and returning the magic? And even more importantly, will their love survive the trip?

Excerpt ~

It was nearly midnight when he cut across the Sun Road to another trailhead, so intent on his goal that he nearly collided with an attractive young woman. He skidded to a stop, spraying gravel, rocks, and small twigs down the road in front of him. A pinecone dislodged and bounced along the road past her. Tall and slender, she had miles of fiery-red hair that hung down her back in a cascade of curls. Intense emerald eyes stared back at him as he attempted to regain his composure, not to mention balance. What the hell was she doing here at this time of night?

“Whoa.” She stepped lightly to the side to avoid the flying debris. “You really should watch where you’re going, especially at that speed.” Her voice scolded, but the smile on her lips teased. “Someone could get hurt.”

Stefan Talltree, at your service.” He stepped closer, leaned over in an exaggerated bow, and caught her hand, brushing his lips over the palm and wrist, inhaling her sweet scent. AB negative with a pulse of adrenaline. Perfect. Her pulse beat a tattoo against his lips. He backed away.

Her heart thundered as she drew her hand from his grasp. “The name’s Brandy. Pleased to meet you, Stefan.” Her smile reached up into her bright eyes as they swept over him with an appreciative glance, an experience he enjoyed.

Her voice had a hint of Irish lilt to it. He liked that too.

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More about the author ~

With the Rocky Mountains outside her window, she sits at her computer surrounded by a wide array of witches, shapeshifters, demons, faeries, and gryphons, with a Navy SEAL or two mixed in telling her their tales. Her books tell stories of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them. Well, okay there are a few companion animals to round out the tales.

Colorado is home; shared with her husband of many moons, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a forty-five-year-old box turtle. When she’s not writing, you can find her kayaking, camping, hiking, biking or just relaxing in the great Colorado outdoors. During the winter sometimes she’s curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate and a big bowl of popcorn.

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