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#NewRelease Spotlight #Author #Interview ~ FORGED IN FIRE by CJ Bahr

Please make welcome a sister "Rose" (The Wild Rose Press), CJ Bahr! We're celebrating her new release, Forged in Fire, The Fire Chronicles, Book 2! It's a time-travel romance, so you can understand my excitement! This book is definitely one I'll be reading. The Tavern is serving ale, hot cider, and Damson Tarts, so get comfortable and lets chat with CJ...

MM: Welcome, CJ! I'm delighted you could join us in the Tavern today. Congratulations on your new release. Describe a typical writing day. Are you a morning, afternoon, or night-owl writer?

CJ: I’ve tried all three, but in a pinch, I’m a late afternoon to early evening writer. I’m a panster, no outlines for me, so pretty much I sit down and just start typing while listening to film scores in the background – nothing vocal, or I get too distracted.

MM: Ahh...totally understand the background instrumental music, CJ. A must for me. Can you tell us about your current work-in-progress?

CJ: I’ve got two. If the words aren’t flowing on one book, I’ll jump to the other. Currently I’m working on the third book in The Fire Chronicles, tentatively titled, “Playing With Fire”, set in modern time New Orleans. To distract myself when I get stuck, I’m also working on a first person POV female kickass Time Cop story I’m hoping to turn into a series, but my primary focus is on the Chronicles series.

MM: Interesting how you can switch back and forth. I've heard the same from others, too. What inspires you when you’re writing?

CJ: As mentioned above, film soundtracks. I’m a music editor for television and film for my day job, so music is pretty much a huge part of my life, so I sort of “score” my story as I write. Plus, I like to find pictures of people who in my mind “look” like my characters in my head to make them more real to me.

MM: Fascinating, CJ! Music is my muse. What’s your favorite item on your writing desk?

CJ: A picture of my horse, Junior, and a small plastic Marvin the Martian figurine.

MM: Now that's a picture I'd like to see. Now, just for fun ~ Do you prefer…

Champagne or Beer? Micro-brew Beer.

Southern drawl or Scottish burr? Easy one! Scottish all the way!

Kilt or Leather pants? Oh, tough one! If I must choose, I’ll go with leather.

First romance you read? I started reading at a very young age, by my teens I was deeply into fantasy and science fiction; it wasn’t until my mother passed away while in high school I discovered the romance genre. She was a huge lover of romance novels. To feel closer, I jumped into her collection. Truthful I can’t remember the very first, but one during that time made a huge impression: “Thorn Birds” by Colleen McCullough (A great novel, CJ!)

Print book or e-reader? I swore I’d never give up my print books, but being an avid reader, I’ve learned to embrace by Kindle. It certainly saves room on the bookshelves plus the public libraries come to me now!


Blurb ~ Forged in Fire

Beth Leighton moved to Scotland to marry the love of her life. But then he betrays her and she is fatally shot. However the Archangel Remiel interferes, and she awakes to find herself in 18th century England. Alive but confused and lost, she wants to go home. Despite a roguish and handsome highwayman.

Christopher “Kit” Locke is haunted by his past mistakes and lives on danger’s edge, not caring if he lives or dies. He will leave that choice to Fate. Intrigued by the spirited Beth, he is drawn from his spiraling descent and is enlisted to help steal an evil artifact, the Viper’s Eye, a demonic soul-stealing jewel.

While the Archangel and the Duke of Hell battle it out, both Beth and Kit must also fight evil. When the stone seeks Kit's soul can Beth's love keep him from falling victim to the Viper's Eye or will she lose Kit to Hell's fire?

Excerpt ~ Forged in Fire

“So…” he drew the single word out.

She shivered. He was taller than her, but almost everyone was. He had to bend to whisper in her ear, his body enveloping her.

“What are you doing out alone in the woods, this dark and dreary night?” His soft words tickled her ear. “Dressed as you are?” He slowly removed one hand from his horse. The hand came to rest on her waist, just above her jeans. She felt a light caressing of his thumb on her cotton T-shirt. “So soft,” he murmured.

Beth wasn’t sure if she was meant to hear his last remark. His hand began to stroke upward until she felt the light brush of his fingertips against the side of her breast.

“Hey!” Beth spun in his embrace so she now faced him, plastered against his front with the warmth of his horse seeping into her back. “Knock it off! I’m a married woman.” She held up her left hand and showed him her wedding rings.

He chuckled and grabbed her hand and started to slide off her rings.

“Stop!” She yanked her hand from his grasp. “What in the world do you think you’re doing?”

“What I’m very, very, good at,” he replied from behind his mask while reaching for her hand again.

Beth whipped her hand behind her back. “You can’t have my rings.”

“Think of them as payment for services rendered.”

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More about the Author ~

First published in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Sword & Sorceress” anthology, C J was bitten by the writer’s bug and hasn’t stopped since. Her award winning first novel, “Walking Through Fire”, a Scottish ghost romance, is published by The Wild Rose Press. She is currently working on the third book in The Fire Chronicles, as well as, a new Urban Fantasy starring a kick-ass Time Enforcer.

When her pen isn’t scribing, you can find her busily cutting and tracking music for film and television. With close to twenty years of music editing experience, her credits range from “Northern Exposure” and “The Muppets Christmas Carol,” to “The Kill Point” and “The Middle.”

She currently resides in sunny southern California with her two cats, great friends, and her horse.

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