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#Winter Cleaning Within the Home, Body, and Mind

The holidays are gone. Decorations are almost packed away and with a new year comes this urgency to sweep away the cobwebs--from glitter, ribbons, and food crumbs. They are all remnants of the season, and I long to start with a clean slate. Yet, my rooms are not the only places that require cleaning. My spirit and mind go through their annual cleansing. What were the lessons I learned from the previous year? How can I implement a fresh outlook? Are there any old habits hindering my progress as a writer or as an individual? No, this isn't a list of resolutions. I haven't done any in decades. However, I do focus on a word or phrase.

Yes, this is my word for the year. I'm setting my sails for the endless possibilities to learn something new, something fresh! I'm going to think outside the box and consider all the new avenues.

And since I'm an optimistic person, I'm going to focus on the positive learning waves for the next twelve months.

Exciting? You bet!

Now for my body...well, I've cut back from all the tempting holiday treats (only one small piece of dark chocolate per day), and started back to my daily walks, bike riding, or yoga--weather permitting on the walks and biking. For the past several weeks, this cold/flu virus kept me from visiting my nature friends. I considered this a time of much needed relaxation.

How is your new year treating you? Any plans, resolutions, or new word you'll focus on? Do share!

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