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#Medieval Monday ~ A KING'S ENEMIES by Lane McFarland

Welcome to the first of fourteen weeks of Medieval Monday! I'm delighted to have my wonderful and talented friend, Lane McFarland to start us out. She's sharing a snippet from her book, A King's Enemies.

In addition, check out my first excerpt on Lane's blog: and leave a comment there for a chance to win a special gift from me at the end of the fourteen weeks. Can you guess my theme?

Excerpt from A KING'S ENEMIES ~

Royal Palace

The Tower of London

February 1303

For ten long years, Katherine Mackenzie Armstrong dreamed of the day she’d kill John de Seabrooke and his allies, Roger Northrop and Nigel Bartram.

Finally, the time to execute her plan had arrived.

Her heart fluttered. She wouldn’t have to wait much longer.

King Edward paraded across his raised platform before the royal court. The tall, swarthy ruler faced the crowd. A drooping left eyelid did little to diminish his commanding presence, but he always appeared as if he’d consumed too much ale.

“It’s with great pleasure that I appoint John de Seabrooke to govern Scotland from Edinburgh Castle in my stead.” The king slapped the man on the back and shook his hand. “He’ll keep those heathens under control.”

Follow along next week on Ruth Cassie’s blog at, and leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook of A KING’S ENEMIES.

Blurb from A KING'S ENEMIES ~

Tormented by King Edward’s brutality against Scottish sympathizers, Drake Fletcher vows revenge, but only a madman single-handedly attacks the Crown. Instead, he enters the royal court as a spy to aid Robert the Bruce’s rise to power and place a formidable leader on Scotland’s throne.

Scottish lass Katherine Mackenzie Armstrong targets three of King Edward’s officers who brutally raped and murdered her mother. Disguised as one of Queen Margaret’s attendants, she sets a course to destroy the men.

The acts of treason both Drake and Katherine commit are punishable by death in The Tower of London but their determination pushes dangerous limits. Considered enemies, they use each other to gain vital information. Neither expect their overwhelming attraction to one another, the staggering emotions stirred. But the closer they become, the more they jeopardize their pledges of vengeance.

Will the weight of retaliation crush them, see them beheaded? Or will Katherine and Drake form an alliance and learn to live and love again?

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