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Meet the MacGregor Brothers...aka Fenian Warriors! #Giveaway

One more week until the release of OATH OF A WARRIOR! Midsummer's Eve will be bonfire of a party! I thought it would be fun to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with Rory and Liam MacGregor. Not only are they Fenian "Fae" Warriors, but blood brothers, too. They first made an appearance in DRAGON KNIGHT'S SWORD, Order of the Dragon Knights, Book 1. I'm sharing excerpts from several of the books that these warriors appeared in. It was fun going back in time and revisiting the MacGregor brothers! Enjoy! And don't forget to enter the contest at the end of the post.

Excerpts from:


The crowd had started to quiet down. A couple of men came over to the table, and Conn introduced them to Brigid as Rory and Liam MacGregor. They had the same build as Conn and similar striking eyes.

She watched as they bantered back and forth, and at times, it seemed as if they had their own mental conversation going on. They joked with her and asked her if Conn had been taking care of her.

“Listen, Brigid, if you tire of this old man, just give me call,” spouted Liam and gave her a wink.

Blushing, she just shook her head. All these men were so ruggedly handsome, but again an ache for someone else skittered across her skin.

When she looked into Liam’s eyes, there was a glint of something else, but Rory slapped a hand on his shoulder, and the moment was lost. Brigid had never been the focus of so much attention. She thought herself too tall, too curvy, and hair that at times was just a wild mass of curls.


“Aileen, this is my blood brother and Fenian Warrior, Rory. And Rory this is—”

“She is Aileen Kerrigan, daughter of Aidan Kerrigan,” he interjected, staring at her in shock.

Aileen could not move. Finally, after a few moments, Rory gently led her to her chair. “Welcome, daughter of Aidan.”

Then turning around to his brother, he firmly grabbed him in a hug. “Sakes, Liam, do you ken what you’ve done? I feared you were dead,” he hissed.

“Can we discuss this later? We could do with a couple of your best ales and some food.”

“Excuse me,” Aileen interrupted. “I’ll just take a glass of water.”

Rory frowned, yet shook his head in agreement. “Any preference on the food?”

“What’s the special for today?” she asked.

Rory leaned near. “Guinness stew and dill bread.”

Aileen let out a small gasp. “That was my dad’s favorite.”

Rory beamed a smile at her as he walked away. “It is now a regular on the menu, too.”

Scanning the room, Aileen would have bet all of her money there were more than several Fenian

Warriors in the pub.

As if sensing her thoughts, Liam said, “Yes, they are all warriors. It is a gathering place and out of the way. A haven for them to rest and stay for a time.”

“How could I not tell,” she drawled. “And before you take this as some sort of compliment, are all warriors so gorgeous?”

Rory returned, bringing them their drinks and food. Hearing Aileen’s comment, he interjected, “Yes, we are. But Liam is the ugliest of us.”

“You wound me, Brother,” said Liam reaching for a drink.


“So this is where you escape to,” said the deep male voice disturbing her quiet thoughts.

Fiona didn’t even bother opening her eyes. Of all people, it would have to be him. “You’ve found my retreat, now go away, Rory MacGregor.”

The man laughed. “And here I brought you some dark chocolate with sea salt, as a token of my thanks for helping out the other day.”

She opened one eye, noticing the bag he held. “How much?”

He plopped down next to her. “All for you, my lady.”

Taking the bag, she peeked inside. “Thank you.” Pulling forth a piece, she popped it into her mouth, savoring the richness.

“Nice place you have here. Quiet and sheltered from most people.”

Fiona glanced at the man. Strange as he was, she liked him. A pain in her ass some days, but overall, a really nice guy. She often thought he would make a wonderful professor at the university, but his interests were only in research and assisting the students. And extremely easy on the eyes. However, as gorgeous and striking as Rory MacGregor was, he reminded her more of the brother she never had.


“Rory MacGregor,” she spat out, as if his name tasted foul. Not giving him time to respond, Fiona slapped him with all her might.

He barely moved from the assault. Instead, his eyes held concern. “I would expect nothing less from you,” he uttered softly.

“Who are you? And why am I here?” she demanded.

“Step away from him slowly, Fiona,” growled Alastair, his sword unsheathed.

Rory held up his hands as if surrendering. “I have no quarrels with you Dragon Knight. This is between Fiona and me.”

Alastair moved so fast Fiona blinked. The tip of his blade leveled at Rory’s throat. “Ye dare to call me that when ye ken I am no longer a knight. Have ye forgotten the curse?”

“I have not forgotten. Mayhap, you have forgotten the words of the curse.”

“Jumbled words,” spat Alastair.

Fiona stomped her foot. “Get out of my way, Alastair. I have unfinished business with this creature.”

Rory arched a brow in offense. “Creature?”


The Red Branch Tavern—Urquhart Glen

“Do you think he’ll show?” asked Rory, taking another sip from his beer. “You do understand that he has not set foot inside this tavern since the Battle of Culloden.”

“Aye, he’ll come. I made it an urgent request.” Liam gazed at the pint waiting for their Fenian brother.

“We all lost many during the battle.” He shoved his own pint away and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Agreed. But Conn was guardian to many Scots during that century. More so, than you or I. He vowed never to set foot inside a place where the memories were too painful.”

Both men glanced out of the booth where they were sitting when the door to the tavern opened, only to groan when it wasn’t the man they were expecting.

“Damn,” hissed Liam. “I had hoped he would put aside his feelings and come because of my appeal.”

“He’s over an hour late,” stated Rory. “I’ll get us some more beers. Then you can think of another plan.”

Liam reached for his glass and downed the entire contents. “My plan would have fared better if there were three of us.”

Rory shrugged. “Well, I’m with you.” Saluting his brother, he walked away.



If you've read the first book, Quest of a Warrior, you'll find out that the Fenian Warriors take their surnames from great Scottish and Irish families.

For a chance to win this glass heart necklace, create a Fae name for Rory and Liam. I will choose one random winner next Wednesday, June 20th.

Submit your answers by Monday, June 18th, 11:59pm PST to:

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