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#Medieval Monday | FLIGHT OF THE RAVEN by Judith Sterling

Welcome back to Medieval Monday with our ongoing theme of "Family." I'm delighted to have my good friend (and sister Rose from The Wild Rose Press), Judith Sterling here today. Let's take a glimpse into her world of Flight of the Raven, The Novels of Ravenwood, Book One.

“Enjoying an early morning stroll?” Robert teased.

“Leave me be,” William snapped.

“A fit of bird-watching, perhaps?”

“I want to be alone.”

Robert sighed. “Why are you not curled in bed with your wife?”

“Are you deaf, Brother?”

“Only to your dismissals.”

Grumbling, William stalked to the stone wall. He leaned against its cold, hard strength and peered through the gap between two merlons. A swarm of dark, dense clouds approached Ravenwood and muffled the rising sun.

Make sure to comment below for a chance to win a digital copy of Flight of the Raven (or if you already own a copy, your choice of another of Judith’s books). A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on December 31.

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How eager would the bridegroom be if he knew he could never bed the bride?

Lady Emma of Ravenwood Keep is prepared to give Sir William l’Orage land, wealth, and her hand in marriage. But her virginity? Not unless he loves her. The curse that claimed her mother is clear: unless a Ravenwood heir is conceived in love, the mother will die in childbirth. Emma is determined to dodge the curse. Then William arrives, brandishing raw sensuality which dares her to explore her own.

William the Storm isn’t a man to be gainsaid. He’ll give her protection, loyalty, and as much tenderness as he can muster. But malignant memories quell the mere thought of love. To him, the curse is codswallop. He plans a seduction to breach Emma’s fears and raze her objections. What follows is a test of wills and an affirmation of the power of love.

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