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A Love Affair with Medieval Romance

I've talked about my passion for all things Medieval on other blogs, but never here. With the return of Medieval Monday next week, I thought I'd share my obsession for this particular time-period...

I’ve often been asked this question, “Why Medieval romance? Why not Regency, Victorian, or Western?” In truth, I love them all, but my heart belongs to one. It started when my fingers opened a book about the great Irish King, Brian Boru (941-1014 A.D.). His story is legendary, especially with the people of Ireland. King Brian led the Irish to the peak of their Golden Age—from poetry, arts, saints, and scholars. A spark ignited within my soul for more.

I sought out tales of knights in shining armor and folk heroes, delving into a life teeming with richness, though at times harsh and violent. Yet, it wasn’t until I devoured the history of Brian Boru that I became immersed in medieval life. From there, I treasured tales of life in castles, traveling on horseback, studying foods and herbs. My list is endless and always growing on medieval ways. Yes, there are even days when I long to travel back in time and explore the history, lore, and beliefs.

Therefore, when it came time to pen my own stories, it only made sense for me to place them all in a medieval setting. One might say I live vicariously through my characters. It’s a love affair with all things medieval.

For those that have read Trial of a Warrior, I did some time-traveling in the story. I took you on a journey to visit new friends and old ones. I could not help myself! It was an epic adventure to go back to my favorite time-period.

I hope you'll return next week for a brand new theme on Medieval Monday. And I promise you, I'm not done writing Medieval romances. Look for a brand new series coming in 2020!

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