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Medieval Monday | THE HERALD'S HEART by Rue Allyn

Welcome to Medieval Monday and week four of our theme of "First Encounter" between the hero and heroine. My lovely guest today is Rue Allyn. She's sharing a snippet from her story, The Herald's Heart. Love this cover!

If you're following along with mine, hop on over to Rue's blog and don't forget to leave a comment, too.


Would his father recognize him? Not likely, despite the fact that, according to rumor, Talon’s guinea gold hair and dark purple eyes could have only come from the Earl of Hawksedge.

St. Swithun’s nose! Recognition by the earl was as likely as finding Hawksedge Keep in this fog. Talon couldn’t even see his mount’s ears in the chill gray mass that swirled around him. According to one of the village cowards, the keep “loomed on a hill near the sea, its great black stones a blot from hell upon heaven’s beautiful sky.

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Royal herald, Sir Talon Quereste could never love an overly adventurous, impulsive, argumentative woman of dubious background who threatens everything he values. Lady Larkin Roshan can only despise a man who would deny her identity and steal her heritage. So why has fate thrown them together to solve the mysteries of the heart?

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