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Medieval Monday | A HIGHLAND MOON ENCHANTMENT by Mary Morgan

Welcome to our final week of Medieval Monday and our theme of "First Encounter" between the hero and heroine. I hope you've enjoyed these past thirteen weeks with fabulous excerpts from a group of talented and wonderful medieval romance authors.

I am sharing my final excerpt from A Highland Moon Enchantment. One random winner will be chosen from all the comments (yes, I've collected all the names over the thirteen weeks), and I'll announce the winner of a signed print copy of this book next Monday, May 6th.

Enjoy! xo


As Desmond started to follow her, Alastair blocked his movement with a hand on his shoulder. “Has the lass mentioned why they were journeying?”


Releasing his hold, Alastair rubbed at his face. “Why would King John’s men harm travelers? I cannae fathom this senseless act of violence.”

Desmond cast his gaze in the direction where the lass fled. “She did say she was a MacDuff. The MacDuff could be one of the Earls of Fife and is powerful. To take him down would bring a great prize. Yet, I dinnae ken if he is the one.”

Alastair nodded to the injured man against the boulder. “Is he her father?”

“Aye. He lives, though has suffered a broken arm and head wound.”

“Lugh’s balls! ’Tis more than a day’s ride to Urquhart.”

Desmond frowned. “Ye would bring them into your home? What if King John finds out ye have given shelter to the MacDuff?”

“As ye ken, we have feared far worse. What is one king, when we have destroyed an evil monster intent on ridding the world of light?”

“Ye are correct.”

Alastair shifted his stance. “Can ye honestly leave the lass to tend to her father and the other alone? With just a druid?”

“Nae, but—”

“By the hounds. She had ye tongue-twisted the first moment ye laid eyes on her. A few moments more, and she could have drove her dirk into your chest,” teased Alastair.

Stunned the MacKay had witnessed his momentary failing, Desmond shoved the Dragon Knight aside and made his way to where Ailsa was speaking quietly to the injured man while Tam cleaned his head wound. She kept squeezing his hand, and Desmond fought the urge to yank her from the man.

Halting his steps, he patiently waited until she was done. When she placed a kiss on his cheek, Desmond sealed off all emotion. The injured man was surely her intended.

For chance to win a signed print copy of A Highland Moon Enchantment, please leave a comment. I’ll announce the winner next Monday, May 6th.


Blurb for A Highland Moon Enchantment

You first met this warrior in Dragon Knight’s Axe, Order of the Dragon Knights, Book 3

Irish warrior, Desmond O’Quinlan has never surrendered his heart to any woman. He has no wish to have his soul tortured by love. Yet, the moment he locks gazes with Ailsa, his fate is destined for an adventure he never fathomed. He may have battled alongside a Dragon Knight, but his greatest challenge will come from within his own heart.

Ailsa MacDuff, a warrior among her clan, has no desire to have a man chain her to a life of obedience. However, that is before she meets Desmond. The temptation to allow this warrior inside her heart is a risk she dares to take, but one that could lead to a future of emptiness and sorrow.

When betrayal looms from within, the battleground of love is no match for these two warriors. Can the power of a Highland full moon be strong enough to unite or destroy them?

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