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Reflections on Father's Day

I had not planned on writing a Father's Day post. The feeling took root as I listened to music this morning. I was struck with the realization that my dad has been gone for fifteen years this July. How did so many years pass? Yes I mourned the loss so long ago, but it all came back in a flood of emotions this morning. He had been sick for decades. Yet, if you met him, you'd never know. He carried onward with a smile and a handshake or hug. I see him each morning within the reflection of the mirror--from the eyes to his smile. I do look like him.

I know he's smiling down at me from heaven. I feel him each and every day. Regardless, I want to give him this message....


Thank you for your enduring love. For standing quietly next to me when the world was turbulent and dark. We argued many times, but I know you believed in me. So today, I'm wishing you a Happy Father's Day. I can't pour you a wee dram of your favorite whiskey, but I'll toast a glass to your memory.

Thank you with love,

Lori Gus

For those that don't know, Lori is my nickname (Mary Lorine) with family and old friends. And "Gus" is after the mouse in Cinderella. Blame my parents, if you must. They're the ones that gave me the name. :)

I choose this picture at the top of the post because it reflected both of what my dad enjoyed—serving in the Navy and his love of airplanes. A trait that passed into my DNA. I love the water and become giddy when I board a plane.

Happy Father's Day!

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