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Going Silent One Day a Week

The simplicity of this picture speaks volumes to me. There's nothing epic. Merely lush rolling hills, flowing streams and lakes, gray clouds with a glimmer of sunlight peeking through in the distance. Yet, for me, I value the quiet nature of this moment. My husband and I were traveling through the Northeastern area of Scotland two years ago when he snapped this photo. Going through our pictures recently, it reminded me of how valuable it is to stay still and admire the beauty of nature. To put down our laptops, silence our phones, and remain quiet. It's so easy in this century to be connected to the world. We're only a swipe on a device to plug in to each other. And this is exactly why I go silent one day a week. Sunday is my day of unplugging and recharging me. I only allow for one hour early in the morning to quickly check emails and then I'm done--finished for an entire day. There's only one item that will bring me to my laptop on a Sunday and that's for an online event.

I'm sure each of you has your own way of unplugging. Trust me, it can be difficult with all those fancy beeps and sounds from your phones and computers. But the benefits are bliss! At least they are for me. So I challenge you, my friends, to take a day off from your devices. Maybe you already do so, but if you haven't, take up my challenge. And then let me know how your day went.

Mary xo

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