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Spotlight New Release Interview | NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU by Claire Marti

Please make welcome the lovely and talented Claire Marti! We're celebrating her upcoming new release, Nobody Else But You! And we're in for a special treat today. Claire has brought along a smoking hot guy with her (I'm doing my best not to ogle the man). The Tavern is serving champagne, amber ale (I heard it's a favorite of someone's), and beef sliders. Grab your favorite and let's here what Claire and her guest have to say...

What is your full name? Holt Michael Ericsson

What is one word that best describes you? Confident

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately? I think Ms. Marti definitely portrayed me like the strong, stand-up guy I am. I was a little worried she’d only show me through Samantha’s eyes and let me tell you, early on, Sam McNeill’s description would not be accurate. Then again, we didn’t exactly make the best impression on each other.

What makes you laugh out loud? Besides the look on Sam’s face when we first met? I’m pretty easily amused and like to find the humor in most situations.

What makes you angry? People trying to profit by taking advantage of others.

What is your favorite drink? Nothing like an ice cold amber ale.

What is your greatest fear? Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll wake up again on the road and this whole relationship with Samantha was a dream. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

What do you wear when you go to sleep at night? Nothing

What is the perfect romantic date? At the end of the day, Sam and I riding our horses on the ranch and stopping on the bluff to have a picnic and watch the sunset.

When you look at Samantha, what catches your interest? Well, there’s the obvious: she’s gorgeous with her long red hair and huge brown eyes. But it’s the fire in her eyes and the sweetness when she smiles just for me.

What is one word that best describes Samantha? Vibrant

Question for Claire: Is your book part of a series? If so, what does the future hold for the readers of the series?

Yes, this is the first book in the Pacific Vista Ranch series. The next two books release in October and November 2019 and follow the love stories of Sam’s two sisters, Amanda and Dylan.

Thank you, Claire and Holt for joining us in The Tavern today! Wishing you all the best!



A smoking hot stuntman. A fiery horse breeder. And a 220-acre ranch too small for both of them.

She’s avoided Hollywood for years…

When an arrogant Hollywood stuntman struts into Samantha McNeill’s breeding barn, sparks fly. She doesn’t care how mouthwateringly gorgeous he is, not when he assumes Pacific Vista Ranch’s resident horse breeding manager must be a man. Not to mention his job threatens to pull her family back into the paparazzi filled world they escaped from over a decade ago.

Now it’s at her door––wearing faded jeans and a wicked grin.

Holt Ericsson can tell the beautiful redhead hates him on sight and the feeling is becoming mutual. But he will call in a favor and convince Sam’s legendary director father that Pacific Vista Ranch is the only suitable place left in California to film an epic Western. Holt’s invested all his savings in the movie and his entire career is riding on it. No way will he allow one irritating, sexy woman to stand in his way.

Sam intends to fight him at every turn…if only her heart didn’t race when they’re together. Holt does his best to steer clear of her…except all he wants to do is hold her close. The sizzling attraction between them is either going to burn up the sheets or burn down the ranch…


Sneak preview from Nobody Else But You, Pacific Vista Ranch, Book 1

Swallowing a flutter of nerves in her throat, she rapped on the door. She was simply going for business. Ranch business. Bringing him dinner was simply being polite, like her father had raised her to be. So why was her heart hammering against her ribcage?

“It’s unlocked.” A muffled voice called. So much for manners. Holt apparently didn’t seem to bother with them.

She hesitated a moment. She smoothed back an errant strand into the ballet bun she hadn’t bothered to unravel. Although she’d changed out of her dance gear into her favorite old pair of jeans and a super-soft t-shirt, she hadn’t been in the mood to mess with her hair. Briefly, she regretted not being more like her twin sister, talented with makeup and hair. But, nope, Dylan had received the lion’s share of feminine genes.

Whatever. She opened the door, and then froze. He was rubbing his hair dry with a white towel slung over one shoulder. The pristine white material emphasized his bronzed skin. Tiny beads of moisture clung to chiseled pecs and the light sprinkling of golden hair on his chest was the only thing preventing him from looking like a marble statue. Barely. Shredded eight-pack abs and sharp V-cuts of muscle converged at the waistband of a pair of jeans as faded as her own. Her mouth suddenly parched, she swallowed. Hard.

“Sorry, I got stuck on the phone.” He grinned and tossed the towel onto a nearby chair.

She jerked her gaze up to his face, which had to be safer, right? Her pulse thrummed in her temple and heat descended to her belly. Damn. His face was definitely not safer than his gorgeous body.

“How’d you get that scar?” She blurted out the words, desperate to distract herself from his pure physical presence. He really needed to put on a shirt. Pronto.

“Scar? Which one?” He laughed, seemingly oblivious to her reaction, thank goodness.

“Forehead. The one across your forehead.” A flaw. Weren’t scars flaws? Why did it make him look just a little dangerous? And it did save him from utter perfection. Didn’t it?



About the Author

Claire Marti started writing stories as soon as she was old enough to pick up pencil and paper. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in English Literature, Claire was sidetracked by other careers, including practicing law, selling software for legal publishers, and managing a non-profit animal rescue for a Hollywood actress.

Finally, Claire followed her heart and now focuses on two of her true passions: writing romance and teaching yoga.

Her award winning debut novel, Second Chance in Laguna, was a Finalist for Best Contemporary Romance in the prestigious Stiletto Contest, won best unpublished contemporary romance in the Heart of the Molly and third place in the Maggie. Book two in the Finding Forever in Laguna series, At Last in Laguna, and Book three, Sunset in Laguna, ​are available everywhere. Sunset in Laguna ​was a Golden Quill finalist. Claire's exciting new Pacific Vista Ranch series set on a horse-breeding ranch in exclusive Rancho Santa Fe, California, launches in September 2019. When Claire's not writing, she's teaching yoga. You can find her teaching at studios in sunny San Diego or enjoy fifty online classes on the international website A breast cancer survivor, Claire is a sought-after speaker on the power of yoga and meditation. She's been published in numerous magazines with articles on wellness and is the author of a memoir, ​Come Ride with Me Along the Big C, on her experience beating breast cancer. Claire is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Contemporary Romance Writers, and the San Diego Romance Writers.


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