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Australia Burns | An Anthology of Stories from The Wild Rose Press

Allow me to share a story with you…

One of our Australian authors within my publishing house, The Wild Rose Press Inc., reached out to our CEO and to the authors with a plan to put together a collection of short stories for charity for his country. Never did Stephen B. King envision so many would respond. He'd hoped to get maybe a handful, but ended up with 48 authors scrambling to help him out (this is why I love my publishing house so much), including me! Yep! I put together a short story in two days, titled: STAINED-GLASS VISION after watching a news brief on the dwindling monarch butterflies.

There are three volumes and my story is in Volume Three, which is available for pre-order in print on The Wild Rose Press website. ALL proceeds from the print on their website will go to the Red Cross and other charities in Australia. The digital is available for pre-order on Amazon, BN, AppleBooks, but they will take their cut before sending the remainder to the charities.

In the meantime, consider purchasing one or all three of these collections to help out a country ravaged by these horrific fires.

To read more about the project, click here.

Release date: 2.14.20

All three paperbacks at The Wild Rose Press here!

Thank you with love!


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