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Fantasy Tuesday | Expanding the Realm with a Glossary

Welcome to Fantasy Tuesday!


While we explore the fantasy world of my Fenian Fae Warriors, I’d like to share the glossary I created. With the first book, I realized how important a glossary might be to a reader. I can understand the world I’ve created, but I also wanted my reader to experience this world with me with added content.

And with each additional story, I expanded on the material. There was always something new added and I found the Fae realm growing. Personally, I’ve always felt a glossary adds more depth to the fantasy series—one where I can browse and learn more about this world. For me, the glossary is mini reference tool.


In Oath of a Warrior, the Hall of Remembrance was a place where even I had no desire to look upon my past events within mirrors. Only one Fae dared to find answers in his past. Conn MacRoich.


So how do you feel about a glossary in a book? Is it one you skip, or do you find them fascinating?


 Glossary of the Fae Realm ~ The Tuatha Dé Danann


CATHEDRAL OF TREES: A place of worship and

where royal ceremonies are held.


COURTS OF THE FAE: Special chambers where the

Fae Order discuss and advise on the laws.


FAE APOTHECARY: A special healer and where one

can purchase or create medicinal herbal remedies.


FAE COUNCIL: A group of nine Fae members who

proceed and advise over the laws, especially those

governed by the Fenian Warriors.


HALL OF REMEMBRANCE: A place the Fae visit to

reflect on their life’s journey.


KEEPER OF KNOWLEDGE: Archibald McKibben,

Bard of the Fae. He is responsible for keeping a

historical record of all events pertaining to the Fae

within both worlds—human and Fae.


LIBRARY OF THE ANCIENTS: All the knowledge

the Fae brought with them to Ireland.


PLEASURE GARDENS: A vast, luscious garden

where the Fae may find others for sexual pleasures.


REALM OF SORROWS: When a Fae becomes trapped

in his own misery and sorrow. Ultimately, they

become a shadow of their former self and go mad.




ROYAL HOUSES: On the planet of Taralyn—the Fae

homeland—each of the nine continents maintained

a royal house and family. These houses governed

their own continents, but all were ruled by the King

and Queen of the Fae. 


Sneak preview from OATH OF A WARRIOR ~ In this preview, Rory MacGregor has been keeping a secret from the Brotherhood. If he doesn’t confess, he’ll soon slip into the Realm of Sorrows—a place where he’ll become trapped in his misery and sorrow for eternity.


“My path is my own, if I’m allowed, along with my past,” stated Rory, crossing his arms over his chest. “Serve my punishment or set me free.”


Conn sneered. “Do you honestly believe I would set you free in your condition?” Fury showed in his eyes. “If you have no wish to share your dreams, then I have no choice than to order you into the Hall of Remembrance where we can all witness what you are hiding.”


Rage mixed with fear took hold and Rory lashed out once again at Conn. This time, the prince did nothing to stop him, as he continued to slam his fists into the Fae. “I will never, ever step into that place,” he bellowed, the sound reverberating throughout the chamber. The walls shook and the torches’ flames snapped eerily.


“Stop!” shouted Loran, raising his staff into the air.


His wrath so great, the order barely registered within Rory’s mind. As other hands dared to touch him, he fought the intrusion, striking out with ferocity. Yet he found himself weakening, and his voice going hoarse. The struggle to remain standing was too much, and he collapsed onto the ground.


Instantly, crystal shackles were placed around his wrists. Sweat poured down his body, seeping into the earth. Bitterness clawed inside him as the land reached out in healing. He banished its soothing touch with a single thought.


Voices from those around Rory mocked him. He shook his head to rid their cries. Where was he? Was she here?


“Rory MacGregor, Fenian Warrior to the Fae, my brother, I order you to speak what you have kept hidden from us. I order you to give your account—here in this place of silence. We—Taran, Ronan, and High Elder Loran will guard your secret. This is not a choice any longer.”


Weary and frustrated, Rory could no longer contain the emotions.


Conn knelt in front of him. “I give you my word, I shall keep whatever you say between us. All record will be banished even from the Hall of Remembrance.


Rory shuddered. She came to him unbidden as the maiden he knew from the first day they met, and as the ashen charred shell of her death. Pain tore into his heart, ripping apart what he had thought healed. Lifting his head, his eyes blazed with anger and sorrow, and one word tore free in a guttural cry.



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