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Friday Feast | A Return to a Favorite Viking Site

With the new release of the second book in The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, RORIK, I've returned to one of my favorite research sites on the internet. The Ribe VikingeCenter is one of my 'go-to' places for information. It's a treasure trove for writing my Viking/Scottish stories. I shared this site a year ago on my blog here (August 2020).

Each time I enter the site, I'm transported back to the Viking era. It's a fascinating place which I hope to visit one day.

One of their recipes I've tried is the Fresh Cream Cheese with Herbs. I've experimented with a sweet (I used honey) and savory version of this recipe. Unfortunately, I'm unable to post the recipe here, but I've included the link for you to peruse.

Click HERE for The Ribe VikingeCenter.


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