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Friday Feast | A Sweet Treat from Orkney

Welcome to Friday Feast in the Tavern!

Before I went on my journey to Scotland, specifically the Orkney Islands in June 2017, I found this wonderful site called The Orkney News. I don't even bother with my own local news but will happily open up my email to read the latest in Orkney and Scotland. One of my favorite articles are the ones from Helen's Home Cooking. I enjoy watching her create tempting foods in her small kitchen on YouTube. I've made her soups, breads, and a few other recipes. She always makes me smile and yearn to return to Scotland and the Orkney Islands.

A few days ago, I viewed the recipe and video for Scottish Tablet from Helen. It's been years since I've made this treat, but I'm digging out my large pot to make some this holiday season. Or sooner! All thanks to Helen.

Since I can't post the recipe here, I'll give you the link that has it posted. In addition, take a peek at Helen creating Scottish Tablet. Fun!


Link to The Orkney News: Helen’s Home Cooking Video & Recipe for Scottish Tablet #Halloween:


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