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Friday Feast | Feeding the Cookie Monster

Welcome back to Friday Feast in the Tavern my friends! Grab a cup of mead or cider and pull up a chair. The bardic tales are flowing and I'm delighted to be back! The knight (aka my hubby) is recovering and healing well. The first ten days after his surgery were a blur, and I felt more like part of the Walking Dead than a real human. We are learning to take one day at a time.

Psst, lean in for a secret I'm about to share with you (as I peer over my shoulder to make sure a certain man is not listening...) My hubby is a cookie monster! He's not picky either. Loves all kinds of cookies. I've witnessed him passing up cake, brownies, and pies for a chance at a handful of cookies. And if you want a cookie in our house, you'll have to snatch them right away.

Before the summer of surgeries, which is what we're now referring them to, he wanted to rid some weight. Mind you, he was already in great shape, but it's always those lingering pounds that creep up when you get older. Therefore, the only cookies allowed in the house were gingersnaps--low in sugar and calories. Now that we're heading into the holiday time of the year (at least it is for me), I'm baking a wee bit more.

Last month, I started on a quest to stock my pantry with butterscotch, chocolate, toffee, and peanut butter chips. All great morsels to put into some of our favorite cookies. These Oatmeal Scotchies are positively disgustingly (sorry for the double adverbs) delicious! Even tastier while they're still warm. Did my cookie fiend enjoy them? Aye!

Sadly, I can't share the recipe here. It's one I followed precisely on the package and I didn't want any backlash from the company. So my apologies for tempting you. However, you can find the full recipe on the brand's website, the package below, or just google the title and you'll find many variations out there.

Until next Friday, stay safe, smile, and spread the love with cookies!


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