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Friday Feast | Memories in Old Recipes

Welcome to Friday Feast in the Tavern! Before we settle in to today's post, I'd like to give a shout-out and round of applause to all the Veterans today. You are my HEROES! Thank you!

I hope you're all doing well on this chilly, autumn day. I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's the second week in November. This week slipped by along with the rain we had this week. The soup recipe I'd planned on sharing was easily forgotten when I went in search of an old recipe.

As I dove into my ancient box (its lid long gone to some remote area of the world during a move), I started snickering. Whose handwriting is this? Of course I knew the answer. MINE! For the record, I now have a slant and elegance to my penmanship, unless I'm in a hurry, which is most days.

My memories drifted back 45 years ago when I penned these recipe cards. I had an unhurried style compared to today. And I definitely had an obsession with blueberries. The top three cards are all blueberries, but trust me, I pulled out six more. Do I remember writing these down? A few. But I do recall making these treats. And as many times that I did whip up a batch of cookies and bars in my younger days, I noticed there are no food stains on these cards. Another quirk about my younger self: I kept my recipe cards and cookbooks in spotless condition. Even the spines were not bent out of shape.

Flash forward to the present. I have evolved over the years. I've learned nothing is perfect in life, along with my cooking and recipes. Cookbooks get messy and pages torn, recipe cards leave the imprint of sticky fingers, and it's okay to write down a recipe on a scrap of paper. Just make sure you tuck it safely in a place you'll remember. Hahaha...

Yet a part of me still returns to that young lass whenever I hold a sparkling new cookbook in my hands. Or pen a recipe. Those memories from long ago come rushing back to me in an instant.

Any collectors of recipe cards from your late teens? If so, do you continue to use them? Do share!



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