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Friday Feast | Tea & Scones for a #Coronation and the Kentucky Derby

Welcome to Friday Feast in the tavern!

With the coronation this weekend and the Kentucky Derby, I'm hoping to take some restful time to watch both of these events. I've been working hard this week. Writing on the current work-in-progress is going spectacular, house chores are completed, garden had lots of rain this week, and I've made Cranberry Orange Scones and Devonshire Cream to celebrate. As the coronation begins in the wee morning hours here on the west coast, I'll need something to lure me from my comfy bed. And tea and scones will be perfect!

On one of our trips to England, my knight surprised me with reservations at The Orangery Restaurant in the Kensington Palace Gardens. The tiny plant on the table is actually a small orange tree. I had the most delicious scones, a pot of tea, and a glass of champagne. After our tea, we strolled through the gardens. I've returned since then, but I'll always have fond memories of that first visit.

Kensington Gardens

Statue of Queen Victoria at Kensington

The Royal Mews

And I adore horses! On our trip, we also took a tour of the Royal Mews. I'd be extremely content working there with all the magnificent horses.

So, those are my plans for the weekend. Even though it's been a wet and unseasonably cool week, this only enhances the feeling I’m in England. Or Kentucky? Does anyone know if there will be sun or rain for the horse race?

My original plan was to bake a Victoria Sponge Cake. It's a recipe by the lovely Nigella Lawson, which I've tweaked. Feel free to take a peek HERE at the recipe. In addition, for my scone recipe, wander over to this post HERE where I've shared the recipe. It's a favorite in the tavern.

More recipes to peruse...

Until next time, may your days be filled with love and new adventures.


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