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Important Tavern News

Hello, dear friends...

One of my favorite references about life ties into baseball: Life can throw you a curve ball.

These difficult situations in life test our strength and often serve to teach us life lessons. We all cannot manage going through a lifetime without enduring these battles. Now, my knight is going through one of the most difficult he's encountered. Recently, he's been diagnosed with cancer. I won't go into the details. Even hearing that word makes me shudder. Our daughter faced a battle with cancer several years ago and survived. She is truly a warrior lass.

So we must face this battle again. Fight this unexpected disease and kick it out of him. My knight will undergo surgery this week along with chemo. This will be a long year and will possibility slip into the next. For now, we are taking this one day at a time.

I've made the decision to close Mary's Tavern for a couple months. My focus is on his healing and recovery. I hope to reopen in May or June. This all depends on how he's managing his treatment. Yet the man is strong. I feel confident he'll beat this and close the door on another chapter in his long life.

For those who believe in the power of prayers, I ask that you include him in yours. My knight's name is John, and we'd truly be grateful.

Until then, I have a guest author on Wednesday, and this will wrap up anymore posts until I return. I hope you'll stop by to support her.

Thank you with love,



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