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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | 02.05.20

For this week's challenge, I didn't have to think twice. The topic: My celebrity crushes. Now I'm not going to tell you how many I had as a teenager, since the list from a shy, curly-haired teen would be massive. Seriously! I worshiped these crushes in silent adoration.

However, as an adult, there are only two. And in no particular order.

Errol Flynn. Need I say anything more? Well I could go on and on. Let me profess that this bad boy actor made my knees weak whenever he entered a scene. Perhaps it was his voice, or the way his eyes always contained a spark of mischief within their depths. I was a baby when he left this world, but through his movies, I developed a crush. If you ever want to know the man behind the films, check out his autobiography, My Wicked, Wicked Ways. ;)

Adrian Paul. Oh, my, GOODNESS! There can be only ONE, and it's the Highlander!

Enough said. Huge crush on this actor! I loved the show, The Highlander, too! Have the entire collection on dvd, along with other items from the series. For me, the show was about this man and being honorable. Even in his personal life, Adrian was always giving back to the community. If you get a moment, check out his charity, The PEACE Fund here.

Well my friends, that's my short and sweet list. In addition, I might say that the heroes I portray in my stories are a mixture of both these celebrities: bad-ass and honorable.

What about you? Any secret celebrity crushes? Do share! I promise not to tell. ;)

And don't forget to hop on over here to see what the authors are saying about their own celebrity crushes.

See you next week! xo


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