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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | 02.19.20

In my humble opinion, exercise is a vital ingredient to keep the muse and writer healthy. This week's topic: Types of exercise I enjoy. Did you hear my shout of joy over this topic? Even with arthritis and other various injuries, I manage to get in my daily exercise. It clears the cobwebs within my mind, helps me plot, and not only is it fabulous for my body, exercise is a tonic for my spirit.

1. Walking. This simple exercise has helped me tremendously with solving plot issues. I put in my ear buds, turn on my favorite Celtic instrumental music, and I'm out the door.

2. Bike Riding. Oh the joy of pedaling out in my rural town. I almost feel giddy riding my bike. It's a simple cruiser, but it gives me quite a work-out. Yep, I even have a bell and a basket.

3. Yoga. This simple stretching, breathing, and meditating form of exercise has helped me through many phases of my life. I've developed a bond with my yoga mat. And I'm not in competition to create the perfect pose either. I tossed out the saying, "No pain, no gain," decades ago.

4. My Garden. Trust me, tending to my herb, vegetable, and rose garden is a great form of healthy exercise. I've been known to spend several hours, especially in spring. Bend, stretch, breathe...

Do you work-out? Have a favorite exercise? Do share! Then hop on over here to see what the other authors are saying.

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