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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | 04.22.20

Hello everyone! This week's topic: My silliest pet peeves was definitely a challenge. I've been thinking on this one for days. In truth, I had to go to my husband. Ha! His first response had me laughing for several minutes. What is it? A lawn free of magnolia leaves! I can't stand to see them cluttering up our pretty green lawn. I've been known to go out in the rain and scoop them into a bucket. Even though we have others who take care of our lawns (we live in an HOA community), I'm always out there doing my daily chore.

And for the record, I don't believe these trees should have been placed so close together. They're beautiful but not appropriate for our neighborhood. Some houses have small front lawns and the roots of these trees can do some mighty damage. We had ours removed last year, but sadly, our neighbor did not.

Enough of my rant about leaves, which I do think are pretty in the autumn, just not on my lawn.

If I can recall any other silly pet peeves, I'll jot them down in another post. :)

What about you? Do share and then hop over here to read what the others are saying.

See you next week! Be safe and well. xo


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