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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | 04.29.20

I must confess that this week's challenge had me recalling many of the series I enjoy reading. I longed to go back at the beginning and start over with a few, but I have so many on my list to read. Perhaps another time. The topic: Reason why I stopped reading a series I loved.

Yes I will admit to going no further in finishing a series. Why? Several reasons. The story felt like the writer rushed to finish the book, found another voice, or decided to be creative and head hop (writers call this pov shifts, or point of view) all over the scenes. The flow of the writer's pace and familiarity of their voice was gone. I no longer knew the series. It appeared entirely different and not in a good way.

Usually I can overlook a lot in a story. Trust me, nobody is perfect. But when I fall in love with a series, it's because of the writer and their certain style of telling the tale throughout.

I'm one of those readers who look forward to another book in a series by a favorite author. You can almost hear me sigh as I open to the first page. I've come home and want to curl up within the pages. If you disappoint me, I'm gone.

What about your reason(s)? I'd love to hear your thoughts. To read what the others are saying, hop on over here.

See you next week. Be safe and well. xo


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