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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | 05.06.20

Welcome to the merry month of May! This week's topic made my heart happy: Favorite holiday of the year and why. Can you guess by the caroling of bells? Christmas/Winter Solstice!

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the preparations—gathering greenery, decorating, sending Christmas cards, and baking. Many years ago, I would start my holiday baking in late September. Yes, you’ve read correctly. A tradition that began with my mother. All the goodies would be carefully sealed and tucked away in our freezer until the

holidays. A truly magical time.

As a child, I can vividly remember the glimmering holiday lights my dad would string up around the house, the smell of a fresh-cut pine tree (and trying to keep the falling pine needles from scattering all over the place), and the aroma of baking thumbprint cookies. These are only a few of my treasured memories—ones where I saw the same wonder in the glow of my own children’s eyes. Seeing the radiance of the holiday through their gaze is a wondrous moment to witness.

But most of all, I loved celebrating Christmas with songs of the season. Music has always lifted my spirits, and is a great source of inspiration with my own writing. I’ve often stated that music is my muse.

Therefore, it only made sense I would eventually write holiday-themed stories. As a writer of medieval time-travel romances, I loved researching certain holiday traditions of the time. I centered them around food, winter, and love. Three powerful ingredients for a magical story and ones I treasure.

Do you have a favorite holiday? Do share! Then hop on over here to see what the others are saying.

See you next week. xo

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