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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | An Early Recollection

Welcome to Wednesday's Weekly Blog Challenge hosted by the lovely people at Long and Short Reviews. The topic this week: My earliest memory.

In talking with a friend recently, I shared how many memories I could recall before the age of five. A few were the scrapes I got into--from wielding a plastic sword on a bike, to disobeying my mother and running through the house. Each of these events required stitches on my head and chin. These memories are all in vivid color, and I remember the moments as if they were yesterday. Should I confess my age?!

However, my earliest memory is like a faded early 20th century photograph with yellowing at the edges. It was my third birthday. I recall walking down the hallway of our home and seeing a baby carriage. Inside the carriage was my birthday doll. Her name? Mary. It's a treasured memory, since I loved that doll for years.

Some memories in my life are best forgotten, yet I'm blessed to recall my earlier ones with great fondness.

What about you? Can you recall your earliest memory? Do share! Then hop on over here to see what the others are saying.

Until then, be safe and well. Hopefully, I'll return next week! :)


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