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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | Favorite Songs or Musicians

Welcome to Wednesday's Weekly Blog Challenge hosted by the lovely people at Long and Short Reviews. The topic this week: Favorite songs or musicians.

I did not have to think twice. I have worn out cd's listening to all of their songs. These musicians have touched my soul with their haunting melodic voices and words. Their songs have inspired my own stories and often times, I've been able to sort out a complex plot within my work after listening to their music.

Here are my top three artists:

There are so many wonderful songs in this album, but my favorite is "The Celts".

The second is Loreena McKennitt ~

The third is Blackmore's Night ~

All phenomenal artists that have brought joy into my life with their music.

What about you? Who are your favorite musicians and/or songs? Do share! Then hop on over here to see what the others are saying.

Until then, be safe and well.


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