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Medieval Monday | A Journey in Search of a Name

Welcome back to Medieval Monday! Today marks the countdown to the world-wide release for Wishes Under a Highland Star! Four more Mondays, my friends! Are you ready to read the last MacFhearguis brother’s story?

Let me tempt you with some background wisdom behind a certain name in my book, specifically a hidden realm near Leòmhann Castle, located in the Highlands of Scotland. When I began my journey in writing Wishes (my shortened name for this story), I researched Gaelic names to call home for the Fae folk who dwelled there. After scouring through resources, I decided to call their home Talamh, which means land and/or Earth.

Well, imagine my surprise to discover the same Fae homeland named in another book—the first in a trilogy by a best-selling author. Yikes! I believe my heart stopped for several seconds! No, no, NO! Wishes was in final galley edits! What was I going to do? My author voice screamed to leave it alone. It’s a GAELIC name! It wasn’t made up. Yet the other realistic and gracious author voice urged me to choose another name. I didn’t want readers to be confused, or (gasp) the other author.

After struggling most of the next day, and speaking with my editor, I found this beautiful Celtic word called Taloch—mystical, invisible mists. Absolutely perfect for my Fae realm! When you enter through the mists, the colors are brighter, the air crisper with a landscape lush with foliage. And the people? You’ll have to discover more when you read Wishes Under a Highland Star.

If you haven’t done so, please consider pre-ordering your copy HERE!

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Until next Monday, make a wish under the stars.


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