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Medieval Monday | A Special Announcement from The Wolves of Clan Sutherland

Welcome to Medieval Monday with a twist! Instead of talking about the medieval world, I'm giving you another tool for reading. If you enjoy reading apps, then I encourage you to download this special one.

KISS is a new and exciting way to experience Romance stories of all genres. There are hundreds of titles and authors to choose from, including new and exclusive content from some of your favorite voices! Best of all? You can choose just how much to read with their pay-as-you-go format!

And now MAGNAR and RORIK are part of this app! Both books are under the title: The Wolves of Clan Sutherland.

To celebrate, I'm giving away 20 coins (total of 40) for 2 lucky readers for my stories! This is first come, first serve. Send me an email to with your User ID to the KISS app!

Take a peek at The Wolves of Clan Sutherland on the KISS App HERE!

And don't forget to check out the other Ladies of Medieval Monday for their posts.


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