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Medieval Monday | An Anniversary for the Order of the Dragon Knights

Welcome to Medieval Monday! Did you take up my challenge from last Monday to read a medieval romance? If not, I've got a gem of a collection, and it's on sale for 99¢!

Since I first became a published author in June 2014 with the release of Dragon Knight's Sword, I've always had a celebration during this month. My dream came to fruition that year. Within a few months, the book soared to become an international best seller. No words can describe the feeling. I was overjoyed so many embraced Duncan and Brigid's romance. And the second book, Dragon Knight's Medallion soon followed in December of 2014, and the rest soon followed.

June will continue to remind me of this achievement. Therefore, I shall continue to highlight the Dragon Knights and their ladies during this special time of the year. The complete digital collection (all 5 books in the series) is on sale until June 24.

Here's your chance to read a few medieval romance stories or consider gifting one to a friend. For those who have walked this journey from the beginning with me, THANK YOU! Your support means everything to me. And for others who are new to my stories and have enjoyed them, I'm thrilled beyond words!

Order of the Dragon Knights is available exclusively from AMAZON

Enjoying my time at Urquhart Castle in 2017. Home of my fictional Dragon Knights!

Don't forget to check out the other Ladies of Medieval Monday for their posts.

Until next Monday, may your dreams be filled with sexy Highlanders!


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