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Medieval Monday | Ancient Jewelry

Welcome to Medieval Monday!

Recently, I read about a fascinating find by a Dutch historian. With a metal detector, he uncovered a treasure trove in the Netherlands over 1,000 years old! Not only did he find coins, but also exquisite gold jewelry. Here’s a snippet from the article in Artnews:

A 1,000-year-old Medieval treasure trove, including four golden ear pendants, two strips of gold leaf, and 39 silver coins were found by a Dutch historian, according to the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities on Thursday.

One of the coins dated back to 1250 CE, which researchers believe was around the time the treasure would have been buried. By that time, however, the jewelry would have already been at least two centuries old.

“Golden jewelry from the High Middle Ages is extremely rare in the Netherlands,” the museum noted.

The craftmanship on the earrings is stunning! As I adore jewelry and history as well, I’m in awe gazing at the details. I’m transported back in time, and my fingers itch to trace over the smooth metal. Who was this woman who wore these pieces? What was her life like in ancient times? It appears she most likely held a high-ranking position and/or was the wife of someone important. Yet why were they buried?

To read the full article, click on the link HERE!

In some of my stories, the characters have given each other a token of their love in the form of jewelry. Here are a few:

For Dragon Knight’s Axe, Alastair presented his wife, Fiona, with an amber and green pendant on their wedding day.

In Quest of a Warrior, Conn gave his wife, Ivy, a crystal pendant filled with his tears.

And in Magnar, the Barbarian Wolf gifted his wife, Elspeth, two silver cuffs that belonged to his mother.

So you see, I might possibly weave a tale about those earrings into one of my stories. Perhaps with Steinar? We shall see…

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Until next Medieval Monday, share the medieval lore!


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