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Medieval Monday | Ancient Word for the Month of October

Huzzah! Medieval Monday has returned to the tavern! It's my favorite time-period, so I'm delighted to bring new medieval words, phrases, recipes, trivia, books, and songs to hopefully entertain and enlighten you. In addition, I'll keep you posted on the return of the other ladies of Medieval Monday. We're all slowly bringing out our quills and parchment to share interesting and unique medieval stories with you.

For now, let me share the medieval word for October:

Groat: A coin first issued at Edward I's major recoinage of 1279, with the half-penny and the farthing. It was worth 4d (pennies), weighing 0.2 ounce. It wasn't a success, being of poor quality with its weight out of proportion to its value. It was reissued successfully by Edward III in 1351, accompanied by a half-groat, valued at 2d.

A silver groat from the reign of Edward I of England, Courtesy of Wikipedia

Until next Medieval Monday, don't be so hasty to toss those old coins aside. You might have come upon a rare find.


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