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Medieval Monday | Angus or Duncan? The Battle Between the Dragon Knights

Welcome to a special Medieval Monday! This year marks the 10-year anniversary of signing my first contract with The Wild Rose Press for Dragon Knight's Sword. And what a remarkable journey I’ve traveled! For each month during this year, I’m going to share some tales about each of my stories—from scenes never making it to the published book, plots gone askew, and one particular story I’m sharing today. A battle between two Dragon Knight brothers: Angus and Duncan MacKay.

When I first began plotting out these stories decades ago, I wanted to tell Angus’ tale first. Since he was the oldest, this made complete sense to me. But something strange happened to me one afternoon. This character, Angus, came charging forth at me with his sword. I’m unable to use the exact words he spoke to me, but they were not nice. He didn’t want me to share his story. I saw this tormented hero who I thought drank his sorrows at his home in Urquhart Castle. How wrong I was, dear readers. It wasn’t until years later when Angus showed me where he was and it wasn’t in Scotland!

So how did Duncan emerge, the second oldest brother, to get his story written? Simple. He stepped forward and shoved his brother out of the way stating, “Ye shall tell my tale first. ’Twas my sword that killed our sister.”

And the rest is history. In fact, when I finally made the journey to visit Urquhart Castle, I'll never forget being alone in a small room within the ruins. While I gazed out the opening at Loch Ness, Angus MacKay stepped near my right side and said, "Ye have told our tales well."

Was it my imagination as a writer? Part of me thinks not.

Seven years ago this month, Dragon Knight’s Shield (book 5 in the Order of the Dragon Knights) released into the world. I hope you've enjoyed the tale of the Dragon Knight who holds the dragon power of fire within him and how he chose the order of these stories. I'm glad I honored his request. Or should I say, demanded.

Until next Medieval Monday, may your dreams be filled with the Dragon Knights of Scotland! Psst, there’s still more stories to be told in this series.

Angus MacKay, leader of the Dragon Knights, failed his brothers and his clan upon the death of his sister. Now he must fight the darkness of despair tempting his soul. Back on Scottish soil, he comes face to face with Deirdre who can wield a sword as mightily as his warriors, and he takes her captive. Yet, with each passing day, the fire dragon inside him roars to claim the one woman fate has destined for him. Famed mystery writer, Deirdre Flanagan, is unprepared for the next chapter in her life. On a vacation to Scotland, she steps through the mists and enters into a skirmish alongside a Highlander. However, the fight has only begun, and now she must battle Angus as well as evil in order to claim the love of this Dragon Knight. Will their love be powerful enough to shield them from danger, or burn them to ashes?

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