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Medieval Monday | Countdown for the Pirate Wolf

Welcome to Medieval Monday!

The countdown has started for the Pirate Wolf and his Lady. With four weeks and 2 days until the worldwide release for STEINAR, book three in the Wolves of Clan Sutherland series, I'd like to share snippet from the story. Like I've mentioned before, Steinar and Inga led me on an epic sea adventure. I'll never look at the seas the same again.

Next Monday, I have a fabulous author sharing her new holiday release. I hope you'll stop by in support. With Christmas and New Year's following, Medieval Monday will return on January 8th.


Here's a sneak preview from STEINAR ~

Steinar swallowed the anger that flared from the man’s insult and allowed the power of his wolf to flicker within his eyes.

A few of the men took a step back.

“Look at how his wounds are already healing,” muttered another man. “’Tis not right. The Gods have marked him. We should toss him overboard.”

“Be wary the next words you spout,” warned Steinar. He fought to control the raging beast within his body. Blood was foremost on the animal’s mind.

“Enough!” Leif bellowed. “Or I shall enjoy removing your tongue from your throat.”

Steinar shook with power. Beads of sweat broke out along his brow. If he let his wolf have free rein, there would be no survivors. War would be declared, and King William would have more trouble battling another enemy.

Indecision plagued Steinar. Fight to the death or surrender to his foe.

“Nae!” ordered someone within their group.

Leif snarled and glanced over his shoulder. “Why?”

When the men moved aside, another warrior stepped forward. “He is far too dangerous. Take him near the barrels and bind him in chains.”

Leif clenched his fist.

The action did not go unnoticed by his leader. “Do not challenge me. The Gods have spoken!”

Steinar almost laughed at the absurdity. No chains could keep his beast a prisoner.

Their leader made no move to approach. Intrigued, Steinar tilted his head, waiting for more demands to be issued from the warrior.

Confusion settled over him. Steinar dared to take a step forward. The warrior was cloaked in a hooded garment—from the steel helmet to the cloak covering most of their body. Eyes the color of a glittering sea, white with foam, stared intensely at him. Steinar’s brow deepened further.

His wolf inhaled sharply and then let out a low growl.

Though this person wore trews, the intoxicating scent became undeniable. Steinar’s lips curled in disgust at the shocking revelation. He spat onto the deck. “When do the men known as the fearsome Serpents of Olafsson take orders from a woman?”

Release date: 1.10.24

Pre-order your copy HERE!

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